Robert Giesen:

Robert is the ‘fix’ man; he keeps in contact with our sponsors and does all kind of stuff behind the scene, he is our manager so to say. He also plays along a note or two on the guitar and guides our music direction. The Mac’s are very thankful to him for all the things he takes care of.


Henk Bril:

Henk makes beautiful video clips, and great pictures of the band. That’s why  we call him MacBril; he can take pictures that take your breath away. Henk is also a whisky connoisseur, just like MacVaine. Check him out at:  and               


Elly Hausmanns:

Elly does vocals on “Talk to me Daddy”.

She did a great job, her voice has a very nice timbre.


Dave Janssen:

Dave plays the guitar solo on “New York”. Dave is a great musician who can be called upon at any time, he is always in the mood for a guitar lick or riff. Check him out at : and   


Maurice Brouwers:

Maurice plays bass on “Mr Balloon”. Maurice is  a real bass player, a heavy metal bass player. He is a member of different bands check him out at:  


Ron Cleven:

Ron plays the drums for us, especially on “Mr Balloon”. He is the drummer in the band “Fuel”, who are a cover band.  They play covers with a twist, by changing the arrangements  the songs do indeed get a twist. MacVaine is sometimes guest player when they are out on the road. Check Ron and his band out at:  


Stanley Straube:

joined The Silent Conspiracy project, in April 2010,

and will be performing lead vocals on several songs . On other tracks he will be taking the lead vocal , and several instruments, such as guitar and bassguitar. Mac and Mac , are very pleased with the co-operation, Check Stanley Straube out at:



Sebie Floris:


Joined  The Silent Conspiracy project in dec. 2009,  but up till now, we didn’t have time to work together.He is a very talented musician, and in the past he played in:

Zinatra, and Action in DC ( the famous AC/DC Tribute band)


We are very happy to have him aboard